How to Request a Refund at Godaddy when Cancel an Item

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Although Godaddy’s world’s No.1 Domain Name Registrar and an excellent web hosting provider, it can’t meet all people’s need or get a one hundred percent satisfaction so that you need to know How to Request a Refund at

Godaddy refund very fast on all product orders, there are a few easy steps to Request a Refund at as below:

Step 1, Log-in-to your Godaddy account, then click “my account” button on the top right side:

godaddy account

Step 2, Choose “Payment & Renewing items” on the left sidebar under “My Renewals & Upgrades” menu.

godaddy payment renewal

Step 3, Check the domains, hosting or other products that you’d like to cancel in the following page, and click “Cancel Item” button:

godaddy cancellation

Step4, Check “Cancel Now” and Click “Save Changes” Button on the coming page (Tips: it will be appear on the right side of the page):

godaddy cancel now

Step 5, You will be got a note said that “Your cancellation has been submitted …” just like below:

godaddy cancel confirmation

Step 6, Until now, website activities were end and you have to contact with the Godaddy Cancellation Teams ( via email or submit a ticket.

Your email/letter can be like this:

Dear Manager,

I have registered a wrong domain name (or: choosed an incorrect web hosting plan) (or: Your web hosting plan name) at, and I have just canceled it today.

Would you mind to help me apply a refund to my Paypal/Credit Card/Alipay account – (which is your bank account No or email address).

My Receipt No is x1y2z3444444 and my account ID is 12312313333.

Best wishes,

YourName Here

You’ll be received an email from Godaddy Official very quick (auto response) which said:

“Request Received – Incident ID 1413141315″ with content “Your question has been received. You should expect a response within 24 hours.”

In the next one or two days, godaddy will help you perform the refund and you had to wait 5 more working days before you can see the money laid on your bank account.

Godaddy Cancellation and Refunding TIPS:

1. Godaddy DONOT accept a domain cancellation with domain name registered more than 5 days (while the ccTLD like: .me, .us, .ca, etc is 3 days);

2. There is about a 5 days duration before you receive the money after you received the 2nd email from;

3. If you pay via Alipay, your Alipay account should be certified or you’ll be got banned;

4. Godaddy Web Hosting products refund will charged an usage fees which’s depending on how long you have been used (not full refund).

Ok, that’s all. If you have any other questions about Godaddy or Godaddy refund, leave a comment below and we are appreciate your participating and interactions.

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  1. admin says:

    Update: Today, 15th Nov,2011, I received a refund after 2 hours I requested. That’s realy fast and unbelievable. Great work, Godaddy!

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